1. Register at


2. Read our Service Contract and choose whether you agree or disagree


3. Enter you personal information - Please note that you can not revise it later.

When finished, please click SAVE. You will receive an activation link in your email.


4. Finish Registration & Start Shopping

Now you can start shopping on any shopping websites. Before you make any purchases, please write down your mailbox number from your Hotel4box account. This number is unique to every user and is visible only after you login.

Below is an example of how you would fill the address details if you were to shop on and have your purchases shipped to one of our locations. As for phone number, you can use any number.


5. Enter your order on Hotel4box

After making purchase, you need to come back to Hotel4box and enter the purchase details you just made. This process is the filing of Delivery Application as described in our Service Contract. Only after completing this application, can we tender our service. 

In order to file a delivery application, please choose Orders from the main menu. Then click Add.


6. Choose type of order




7. Default



8. STEP 3 is where you enter receiver's details. This can be different from your own information as our users often ship to their friends and loved ones. Or users can simply be absent and need to have their package picked up by someone else. 


Click Next after you fill out all fields



Package status

Although your tracking number shows that your package has been delivered, it might take up to 1 business day to be updated in our system. That means the package status might turn into "Received" status the next business day. Once the status changes, you should be able to see the package details and shipping invoice.




If you have sent a package to one of our locations, then you must enter that purchase detail including tracking number into Hotel4box. 



If you have any questions regarding usage of our site or placing an order, please contact us via following methods:


Tel: 323-207-8554